My “Good Enough” is Great

Where I’m from, there is no “good enough”. You’re either great, bordering on perfection or you’re just mediocre. Virtually unseen. Growing up, this idea was reinforced at home, at my over-achieving academic elitist high school, and among my friends. What I’ve come to understand is that it wasn’t the places and people in my lifeContinue reading “My “Good Enough” is Great”

Bravery, Mistakes, and Healing

During my lunch hour, Senna, a senior in my Literature and Composition class, came up to my desk on the verge of tears. “Ms. Fitz, can we talk about my portfolio?” I noticed that something wrong right away and asked her to walk and talk as we headed away from the busy teacher cluster toContinue reading “Bravery, Mistakes, and Healing”

Confrontations on S*#^ That Matters

It makes sense to start in a copy room — one of the only places where adults have contact with other adults during a busy day in a middle school. While I hate small talk and typically avoid it at all costs, it is indeed the only way to eventually break into real talk. WhatContinue reading “Confrontations on S*#^ That Matters”