Bravery, Mistakes, and Healing

During my lunch hour, Senna, a senior in my Literature and Composition class, came up to my desk on the verge of tears. “Ms. Fitz, can we talk about my portfolio?” I noticed that something wrong right away and asked her to walk and talk as we headed away from the busy teacher cluster toContinue reading “Bravery, Mistakes, and Healing”

Why is my yoga teacher yelling at me?

“Yeeaahh!” the yoga instructor roared, a deep guttural sound emerging from her throat. She sounded like she was celebrating a bowling strike after downing an entire pitcher of Bud Light all by herself. I was disturbed. At the start of class, this instructor’s volume combined with the harshness of our already prickly and fricative EnglishContinue reading “Why is my yoga teacher yelling at me?”

What’s next may be easier than it seems

If you’re paying attention at all, you know how dichotomous existence is right now: hope and despair around every turn. Last Monday,  I walked out of the office for the Partnership for Safety and Justice  feeling hopeful. I’d like to tell you that story to show how figuring out what’s next for the millions of people whoContinue reading “What’s next may be easier than it seems”