With Gratitude Always – A Ritual in Honor of Kate Shrum

On January 11, 2019, my friend Kate Shrum died of cancer. When she publicly shared her diagnosis at the beginning of August 2018, I reached out to her with an encouraging message and no doubt in my mind that she would kick cancer's ass. Less than 6 months later, she was gone. Kate and I… Continue reading With Gratitude Always – A Ritual in Honor of Kate Shrum

Enchantment in “Adulthood”

Magic that reminds you of childhood is a potion. It is a calling to a piece of your soul that can easily slip away in adulthood. It is spell satchels buried in earth and choreographed dances to Ace of Base. It is eating raw cookie dough and driving nowhere in particular. When I stumble upon… Continue reading Enchantment in “Adulthood”

Why is my yoga teacher yelling at me?

"Yeeaahh!" the yoga instructor roared, a deep guttural sound emerging from her throat. She sounded like she was celebrating a bowling strike after downing an entire pitcher of Bud Light all by herself. I was disturbed. At the start of class, this instructor's volume combined with the harshness of our already prickly and fricative English… Continue reading Why is my yoga teacher yelling at me?