rebel waltz

in a rebel waltz we
follow 1-2-3 time
place body in bed by
9 hit snooze buttons no
more than twice arrive at
7:15 cc
bosses hang parking pass
from rear view to avoid

reprimand and repeat

make eye contact and nod
to imply listening
we breathe deeply before
responding, jot down notes
before maybe being
heard, shift body weight to
release irritation
pricking surface of skin
male colleagues, we know things

proceed with caution walk
into rural stored less
confidently, aware
of brown and breasts and eyes
lingering longer, chins
pointing away quickly
coexist stickers as
gun silhouettes — to us
murderous ghosts

in a rebel waltz we
follow 1-2-3 time
watch raindrops make marker
ink bleed, pass tea lights to
strangers, let teardrops drop
witnessing us gather
always wanted to lose
voices and find them now
ragged and fiery bright

stringed symphonies keep time for internal metronomes
bows and brass threading seconds like prayer beads on strings of time
the theory goes our atoms exist in at least two places at once
the 4 perhaps or out of synch completely
still, regimented ballerinas sashay with each 1-2-3
and we grab partners

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